Shkëmbim rinor në Turqi

Disability Wins Humanity Wins Youth Exchange Project within Erasmus+ KA1 
Turkey-Karaman 01 – 10 October 2015 

Dear Partner, We would like to inform you some news about the project. We know, that some information you have already known, but these are important details in the management of the project. 

LOCATION:Turkey/Karaman/Center https://www.google.ro/maps/place/Karaman,+Karaman+Merkez%2FKaraman,+T%C3%BCrkiye/@37.17 92905,33.225062,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x14d98d6780ebefeb:0x31bde2e87bae26bc 

Accomodation: Hotel PARTICIPATING

COUNTRIES: Turkey - KARAMAN GENCLIK GRUBU Slovakia - Martina Vyskocova - MVA Italy - Associazione Culturale Eufemia Macedonia - Zdruzenie na studenti po pravo i mladi pravnici Pavel Satev Kocani Azerbaijan "Common Sense" Youth Organization PU Albania - Integrim dhe Zhvillim Europian 

TEAM NUMBER: 5 participants + 1 group leader (18-25 years) 

PARTICIPANTS: We are looking for youngsters between 18-25, who interested in about the topic. Please, take care of the gender equality. 

ABOUT PROJECT: The project will be in Karaman/TURKEY is the capital city of turkish language, which has historical heritage and cultural. We are aiming to develop dialogue, intercultural learning and finish racism between young participants and understand and empathize with disabilities. We will operate with Disabilities We learn the disability rights. We'll have fun with disabilities. I'll admit that a part of their community It is also open for all people without discrimination connected with nationality, custom, religion and language. There will be also sessions about disabilities, some different games, activities with disabilities, workshops, cultural visits in Karaman Province and some other activities. 

TO PREPARE Every nations have to prepare with the following works: - some country specific food/drink/dances/presentation, etc for the intercultural evening - presentation about your country’s culture and history (15 min) - a presentation about your association (10- 15 min) - travel insurance - Europen Helath Insurance Card TRAVEL COSTS Travel cost for Italy: 100% = 1620€/6 person Travel cost for Azerbaijan: 100%=1020€/6 person Travel cost for Macedonia: 100%=1020€/6 person Travel cost for Albania: 100%=1020€/6 person Travel cost for Slovakia: 100%=1020€/6 person From 2014, in the Erasmus+ Program there is not any preparation cost, or 70% reimbursement. This is the whole money you can use for the exchange program as travel costs. If the travel costs take more money, we cannot give you more, you have to use your own.

 IMPORTANT: Always ask bills, invoices and save them!!! To be refunded you need to provide us with all receipts of travel expenses (travel agency receipts, tickets, boarding passes). 

IMPORTANT: make bills, invoices for our address and save them: Yunus Emre 

KONUKSEVER Sümer Mahallesi 1319. Street 2/2 Center/Karaman/TURKEY Zip Code 70100 Travel: Because activities begin Friday, October 02 morning . Everyone has to be on Thursday 01 October in Karaman - we will wait at the bus station and we will guide you to the location. Konya Airport is close to Karaman

 FACEBOOK We make a facebook group called “Disability Wins Humanity Wins”. Please put your group member into this, because we would like to be this group lively and active. Please send a message until the 24 September 2015 about how is your group’s preparation going. We need to know: - is somebody has a special diet (vegetarian, etc...) or food allergy (gluten, lactose, etc...)? - any illness or sickness, allergy - should we need to prepare with any medicine or special treatment? - any special needs? 

WHAT TO BRING You should bring: - towel - insurance documents - toiletries - medicines - sport shoes - travel documents - training, sport clothes, warm clothes - camera (optional) - plug in converter (if you need) - your ID - good mood, flexibility

 INFO ABOUT TURKEY - A lot of people between 20 and 35 years speak in English in Turkey. Younger generation use English more. - You can buy everything in bigger stores or malls. - You should take care of your values in busy areas and during travel. You should not leave them without control. - 1€ =~2.8 TL Emergency numbers: - ambulance: 112 - police: 155 - firefighters: 110 

RULES We will introduce the safety rules of the place when participants arrive. Please observe the rules. 

CONTACT If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask me: Yunus Emre KONUKSEVER (project coordinator) karamanprojeekibi@gmail.com Whatsapp Number: +905442345696    

Kerkohen pjesemarres per nje shkembim rinor ne Karaman/Turqi me teme 'Disability wins, humanity wins', nga data 1-10 tetor.
Shkembimi behet ne kuader te programit Erasmus+

Te gjithe te interesuarit te dergojne CV e tyre ne adresen e e-mail: eidassc@gmail.com

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