Vend i lirë pune: Ekspert i komunikimit dhe medias

VACANCY: Media & Communication Expert

Location:                  Tirana, Albania
Organization:            LEVIZAlbania
Employment Type:    Full Time
Contract duration:     1 year (with possibility of extension up to 3 years)

Background information
“LevizAlbania”(LA) is an initiative funded by the Swiss Embassy and implemented by three Albanian organizations, Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA), Partners Albania and Co-Plan for the period 2015-2019. LevizAlbania is an innovative project designed to have a catalytic effect on local democracy in Albania. It will enhance local democracy by cultivating a locally rooted, demand-driven and influential civil society at sub-national level across the country.

Duties and Responsibilities
Media & Communications Expert is responsible for:
  • Developing, coordinating and implementing of the communication plan and media related tasks in accordance with the LA goal and objectives;
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating public relations of LA events and activities;  Managing the official website of LA and its social media platforms in collaboration with other staff members;  Organizing and overseeing media related activities under the lessons sharing activities of the LA Project, etc.;
  • Developing the communication tools of LA;
  • Collecting and updating the information about the LA, identifying and documenting best practices and lessons learned;
  • Reviewing and monitoring the outreach of the LA, recommending actions to address the bottlenecks. 
Required Skills and Experience
  • Advance university degree MA or equivalent in a relevant field: Public Relation; Communication, Journalism, Political Science;
  • At least 3 years of work experience (preferably PR in Civil Society and/or Public Institutions and journalism);
  • Outstanding communication and writing skills; proven record of media-effective writing;
  • Good analytical and organizational skills;
  • Objective and results-oriented, steadfast and persevering;
  • Good knowledge of civil society sector, good governance. Preferable previous experience with international organizations/projects;
  • Proven excellence in writing and editing skills in Albanian and English languages;
  • Proven capacity and willingness to work in a team oriented way;
  • Good IT and software skills; good skills to develop and manage web page content and layout design.
The application should include a cover letter and the CV in English. Other supporting documents are welcomed. The application should arrive not later than 30 September 2015 via email to: info@levizalbania.al.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.
LEVIZAlbania is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all interested groups without any discrimination!
For more information contact via: info@levizalbania.al or Landline: +355 44 500 153


Vend i lire pune: Team Leader (Food Safety Expert)

Private Sector Development

Job Opportunity

Team Leader (Food Safety Expert)

Posted on:
14 Sep, 2015
Application by:
30 Sep, 2015
Project Status:
Project Title:
Restructuring and strengthening of the food safety and veterinary laboratory network in Albania
Period of Project:
01 Jan, 2016 - Dec 2018
Duration of assignment:
450 working days
Duty Station:
Job Code:

Project Description:
The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to support the national administrative capacities to ensure improved levels of food safety over the whole food chain.
The purpose of the project is to:
1. Set up a cost-efficient laboratory network capable of providing reliable and timely information on the safety of marketed food and animal health, and
2. Enhance the capacity of the laboratory network to carry out monitoring and analysis of food and feed products with specific reference in the fields of pesticide residues monitoring, microbiological diagnostics in food and feed, food quality standards, animal diseases, in accordance with the improved standards

Job Description:
The Team Leader is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project and liaison with the Beneficiary and Contracting Authority. He/s he/she must ensure the internal coordination and guidance of all experts of the project and coordination with external counterparts/institutions. The Team Leader must ensure that quality assurance procedures are applied to all activities and outputs of the project and that reporting obligations are fulfilled in accordance with the reporting deadlines.

Qualifications and skills
• University Degree or equivalent, in agriculture, agribusiness, rural development, agro-processing or food chemistry, or a relevant discipline to the scope of the project
• Postgraduate qualification in food safety, veterinary or phyto-sanitary would be an asset;
• Fluency in spoken and written English
General professional experience
• Preferably 12 years of working experience in the areas related to agriculture, food production and marketing, but a minimum of 10 years is required
• Preferably 5 years of professional experience in a senior position within the public service of an EU Member State, candidate or potential candidate countries covering issues related to food safety, veterinary or phyto-sanitary, but a minimum of 2 years is required.
Specific professional experience
• Have international experience as team leader preferably in two or more projects of a similar size and nature, but a minimum of 1 project is required.
• Direct experiences with adoption of laboratory quality management or laboratory accreditation criteria will be an asset;

Contact Person:
Edda Meinheit


Shkëmbim rinor në Turqi

Disability Wins Humanity Wins Youth Exchange Project within Erasmus+ KA1 
Turkey-Karaman 01 – 10 October 2015 

Dear Partner, We would like to inform you some news about the project. We know, that some information you have already known, but these are important details in the management of the project. 

LOCATION:Turkey/Karaman/Center https://www.google.ro/maps/place/Karaman,+Karaman+Merkez%2FKaraman,+T%C3%BCrkiye/@37.17 92905,33.225062,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x14d98d6780ebefeb:0x31bde2e87bae26bc 

Accomodation: Hotel PARTICIPATING

COUNTRIES: Turkey - KARAMAN GENCLIK GRUBU Slovakia - Martina Vyskocova - MVA Italy - Associazione Culturale Eufemia Macedonia - Zdruzenie na studenti po pravo i mladi pravnici Pavel Satev Kocani Azerbaijan "Common Sense" Youth Organization PU Albania - Integrim dhe Zhvillim Europian 

TEAM NUMBER: 5 participants + 1 group leader (18-25 years) 

PARTICIPANTS: We are looking for youngsters between 18-25, who interested in about the topic. Please, take care of the gender equality. 

ABOUT PROJECT: The project will be in Karaman/TURKEY is the capital city of turkish language, which has historical heritage and cultural. We are aiming to develop dialogue, intercultural learning and finish racism between young participants and understand and empathize with disabilities. We will operate with Disabilities We learn the disability rights. We'll have fun with disabilities. I'll admit that a part of their community It is also open for all people without discrimination connected with nationality, custom, religion and language. There will be also sessions about disabilities, some different games, activities with disabilities, workshops, cultural visits in Karaman Province and some other activities. 

TO PREPARE Every nations have to prepare with the following works: - some country specific food/drink/dances/presentation, etc for the intercultural evening - presentation about your country’s culture and history (15 min) - a presentation about your association (10- 15 min) - travel insurance - Europen Helath Insurance Card TRAVEL COSTS Travel cost for Italy: 100% = 1620€/6 person Travel cost for Azerbaijan: 100%=1020€/6 person Travel cost for Macedonia: 100%=1020€/6 person Travel cost for Albania: 100%=1020€/6 person Travel cost for Slovakia: 100%=1020€/6 person From 2014, in the Erasmus+ Program there is not any preparation cost, or 70% reimbursement. This is the whole money you can use for the exchange program as travel costs. If the travel costs take more money, we cannot give you more, you have to use your own.

 IMPORTANT: Always ask bills, invoices and save them!!! To be refunded you need to provide us with all receipts of travel expenses (travel agency receipts, tickets, boarding passes). 

IMPORTANT: make bills, invoices for our address and save them: Yunus Emre 

KONUKSEVER Sümer Mahallesi 1319. Street 2/2 Center/Karaman/TURKEY Zip Code 70100 Travel: Because activities begin Friday, October 02 morning . Everyone has to be on Thursday 01 October in Karaman - we will wait at the bus station and we will guide you to the location. Konya Airport is close to Karaman

 FACEBOOK We make a facebook group called “Disability Wins Humanity Wins”. Please put your group member into this, because we would like to be this group lively and active. Please send a message until the 24 September 2015 about how is your group’s preparation going. We need to know: - is somebody has a special diet (vegetarian, etc...) or food allergy (gluten, lactose, etc...)? - any illness or sickness, allergy - should we need to prepare with any medicine or special treatment? - any special needs? 

WHAT TO BRING You should bring: - towel - insurance documents - toiletries - medicines - sport shoes - travel documents - training, sport clothes, warm clothes - camera (optional) - plug in converter (if you need) - your ID - good mood, flexibility

 INFO ABOUT TURKEY - A lot of people between 20 and 35 years speak in English in Turkey. Younger generation use English more. - You can buy everything in bigger stores or malls. - You should take care of your values in busy areas and during travel. You should not leave them without control. - 1€ =~2.8 TL Emergency numbers: - ambulance: 112 - police: 155 - firefighters: 110 

RULES We will introduce the safety rules of the place when participants arrive. Please observe the rules. 

CONTACT If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask me: Yunus Emre KONUKSEVER (project coordinator) karamanprojeekibi@gmail.com Whatsapp Number: +905442345696    

Kerkohen pjesemarres per nje shkembim rinor ne Karaman/Turqi me teme 'Disability wins, humanity wins', nga data 1-10 tetor.
Shkembimi behet ne kuader te programit Erasmus+

Te gjithe te interesuarit te dergojne CV e tyre ne adresen e e-mail: eidassc@gmail.com


Yunus Social Business hap aplikimet për Programin e Nxitjes së Biznesit (Accelerator Program 2015)

Yunus Social Business hap aplikimet për Programin e Nxitjes së Biznesit (Accelerator Program 2015)
Yunus Social Business Balkans, ka hapur thirrjen e aplikimeve për Programin e Përshpejtimit të Biznesit (Accelerator Program), i cili do të mbahet gjatë periudhës Nëntor 2015 – Shkurt 2016. Ky program 4-mujor këshillimi është një mundësi unike për sipërmarrësit e rinj me një nismë biznesi, që të zhvillojnë aftësitë personale dhe të lidershipit, të testojnë dhe zhvillojnë modelet e tyre të biznesit, të trajnohen në fushën e sipërmarrjes, të përfitojnë këshillim nga ekspertë kombëtarë dhe ndërkombëtarë, si dhe mundësi për të përfituar financim deri në 350,000 euro.
Aplikimet janë hapura deri në 30 Shtator 2015 për sipërmarrës të interesuar dhe sipërmarrës aspirantë nga Shqipëria, Kosova, Maqedonia, Mali i Zi, Bosnia-Herzegovina dhe Serbia, mbi moshën 20 vjeç dhe që kanë një startup/nismë biznesi me impakt social në një nga këto vende. Për më shumë informacion ose për të aplikuar vizitoni faqen online www.ysbbalkans.com

Yunus Social Business Balkans është një organizatë ndërkombëtare që mbështet zhvillimin sipërmarrësve dhe bizneseve sociale, përmes programit të këshillimit dhe financimit të sipërmarrësve lokalë, për të ndërtuar zgjidhje për problemet sociale në mënyrë financiarisht të qëndrueshme. E bashkëthemeluar nga Laureati i Çmimit Nobel për Paqen, Profesor Muhammad Yunus, dhe me zyra qendrore në Gjermani, YSB ka prezencë lokale në 8 vende.
Yunus Social Business Albania e filloi veprimtarinë e saj në Shqipëri në mes-2012 dhe sakaq ka ndihmuar në krijimin dhe financimin e një numri biznesesh sociale të suksesshme. Ajo ka mbështetur shumë sipërmarrës aspirantë me trajnime, kualifikime profesionale, këshillim intensiv dhe financime me vlerë 700,000 USD për rreth 1,5 vite. Në vijim të suksesit dhe mirëpritjes nga pjesëmarresit e dy edicioneve të mëparshme të Programit të Përshpejtimit të Biznesit, e me kërkesë të aktorëve të ndryshëm në rajon, YSB Albania po e shtrin tashmë veprimtarinë e saj në vendet e tjera te Ballkanit Perëndimor (Kosovë, Maqedoni, Mal i Zi, Bosnie-Herzegovinë dhe Serbi) duhe evoluar në YSB-Balkans.


Vende të lira pune për marketing nëpërmjet telefonit

DreamCall kerkon Supervizor/e dhe operator/e per fushaten e Telecom Italia & Green network. Te interesuarit mund te kontaktojne ne Nr :0699849310 /email- dreamcall2015@gmail.com


Vend i lirë pune: Executive Sales në Digicom

DIGICom eshte në kërkim për kandidatë të talentuar dhe ambicioz ne rolin e B2B Sales Executive, për t'u bashkuar me ekipin tonë dhe për të kontribuar në rritje e pandalshme te kompanise.


1. Te prezantoje dhe shese sherbimet e kompanise klienteve te rinj dhe atyre ekzistues.
2. Te arrije objektivat mujore te percaktuara nga kompania
3. Te zbatoje politikat, drejtimet dhe procedurat e kompanise.
4. Te identifikoje dhe zgjidhe ne kohe shqetesimet e klienteve.
5. Te mbaje marredhenie te rregullta me klientet.
6. Te bashkepunoje me departamentet perkatese deri ne zgjidhjen e cdo problemi/kerkese nga klientet.


Minimumi 1 vit eksperience ne kompani telekomunikacioni,ne pozicion te ngjashem.

Kerkesa te tjera :

1. Të kenë mbaruar arsimin e lartë (preferohet menaxhim, marketing)
2. Të ketë aftësi shumë të mira komunikuese dhe të punojë në grup
3. Njohuri te mira te gjuhes angleze dhe italiane
4. Aftersi negociuese
5. Njohuri shumë të mira të paketës Windows Office Package (Word, Excel, Power Point)

Digicom ofron:

• Pagë motivuese + Super Bonus
• Shpërblime mbi bazën e performancës në punë
• Mundësi trajnimi dhe promovimi

Te interesuarit te dergojne CV-ne e tyre ne adresen: hr@digicom.al



Vende të lira pune për të sapo diplomuarit në Vodafone

Aplikimet pёr Discover Vodafone Graduate Programme pёr tё sapo diplomuarit janё drejt pёrfundimit, por kjo nuk do tё thotё qё nuk mund tё aplikoni kёtё vit.
Data e fundit kur pranojmë aplikime ështe 15 Shtator.
Lexoni historinё e njё prej fituesve tё programit tё vitit 2013, Anrit, qё tashmё ёshtё pjesё e Internal Audit nё Vodafone Group.
Dёrgoni aplikimet kёtu: vodafone.al/graduates


Vend i lirë pune: Operator/e dhe Supervizor/e në Call Center

Requisiti per il lavoro:
- conoscenza della lingua Italiana parlata.
- Buone capacita' communicative e di interazione.
- Energia, proattività ed entusiasmo.
- Esperienza lavorativa su questo campo da minimo 6 mesi.
- Massima serieta.

• Fisso mensile fino a 300 lek/ora.
• Incentivi mensili fino a 3000 lek/contratti.
• Bonus settimanali e giornalieri

Per qualsiasi informazione ci potete contatare tramite la mai: dreamcall2015@gmail.com
O tramite il cell: +355699849310


Vend i lirë pune në Deloitte: Transaction Services Associate

Deloitte Albania is currently seeking to hire Top Talents to expand the Transaction Services team within the Financial Advisory Services Department.
Keep in mind that the deadline for application is the 30th of September