22 bursa studimi PhD në Itali

22 PhD Scholarships in Economics and Management, Italy

The University of Trento is now inviting applications from qualified candidates for 22 PhD Scholarships in its three PhD programmes:
PhD in Economics and Management (6 scholarships)
. The programme focuses on the fields of decision sciences, organization, human and natural resource management with special attention to methodologies used in a behavioural approach to economic studies.Particular emphasis will be given to research proposals on the following subjects:
  • Behavioural game theoretical explanations of social contract, acceptance and conformity with norms and institutions
  • The impact of different firm’s model of corporate governance on innovation and internationalization process
  • Cognitive and emotional processes in consumer choice
PhD programme in Development Economics and Local Systems (7 scholarships) – a jointly PhD programme with the University of Florence
The PhD Programme aims to develop the following knowledge and skills:
  • Research and training activities in applied economics both in academics and at firms level, systems of firms, public and private research centers, and international, national and non – governmental organizations
  • Impact analysis of policies and evaluation/management of programmes and projects
The PhD Programme is organized in two curricula:
  • Development Economics
  • Economics of Local Systems
Both curricula need a good knowledge of the economic and behavioural dynamics both in developed and developing economies.
PhD in Sociology and Social Research (9 scholarships)
The programme provides state-of-the-art research training and teaches advanced professional skills in sociology and social research. Besides providing a solid foundation in the disciplines, including a broad range of quantitative and qualitative methods, the Programme places strong emphasis on theoretically driven empirical sociology. 
All programmes are full time and will be taught in English by members of the university’s multi-national faculty. No tuition fees are charged and the scholarships are adequate to cover living expenses in Trento. 
School of Social Sciences
Department of Sociology and Social Research
Via Verdi 26 – 38122 Trento – IT
Phone: + 39 0461 283756-2290-1369
Fax: + 39 0461 282335

Email: school.socialsciences@unitn.it

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