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Asistente zyre pranë Devoll Hydropower


Office Assistant Moglicë –Devoll Hydropower - Albania
The Office Assistant is responsible for ensuring a normal functionality of the DHP Moglicë offices, through conducting coordination and support tasks for the DHP staff located at such premises.The position reports to the Senior Contracts Manager/Deputy Project Director. 

Your role:

Areas of responsibility will include, but not limited to:
-Conduct secretarial tasks for DHP CM staffand other organizations, as assigned by SCM, i.e. manage meeting rooms scheduling, vehicles, as well as additional supporting documents created for a smooth operation of the Moglice offices etc.
-Translate documents from English to Albanian and vice-versa as to be coordinated for the staff needs.
-Manage and coordinate travels, company vehicles and business trips requirements internally and externally.
-Arrange booking/reservations needed for business trips.
-Coordinate business trips records with the financial team.
-Coordinate third parties access to the DHP premises.
-Supports HR/Admin on matters related to human resources, upon consent by the SCM/DPD
-Additional duties/tasks as to be required by the SCM/DPD.

Your profile:

-Ability to maintain confidential information and records.
-Ability to speak effectively with groups of customers or employees.
-Ability to organize and prioritize work and meet deadlines.
-Strong PC skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office.
-Fluent in English.
-High integrity
-Exercise judgment and discretion in the handling of telephone calls and scheduling appointments;
-University degree (Bachelor or Master of Science)

Location:DHP Moglice site camp
Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV’s until 12/04/2015 under the email address:
d.marko@pendlpiswanger.at with referential code 104/614