Startup Live Academy

What is the aim of the Live Academy?

  • It is about supporting the Winners of our Startup Lives in the best possible way to get your project investment-ready.

Can I participate, although I haven't won a Startup Live event?

  • Apply by making a 2 minutes pitch-video based on an awesome and exciting one pager (i.e. one slide). What we want to know is: What ist the problem you solve? How big is it? What is the solution for the problem? What is unique about it in comparison to existing solutions? What is the benefit you create? How do you make money, how much of it? What is the development phase you are in at the moment?

If I have no idea or team can I still participate?

  • No, the Live Academy aims to help early stage startup teams to become investment-ready.

When is the kick-off?

  • The kick-off date is the 4th of August 2014

Where does the Startup Live Academy take place?

  • The Live Academy takes place online. It consists of webinars, virtual mentorings and the WhatAVenture Tool, which supports you to develop your project step-by-step.

What kind of business ideas are you looking for?

  • We are looking for innovative and/or technology-based ideas. But remember every idea starts small. The Live Academy helps you to take your idea to the next level so don’t worry if your idea is still in an early stage!

What’s the benefit of taking part in the Live Academy?

  • There are a number of benefits of participating in the Live Academy. Number one reason is that the Live Academy helps you to successfully start your company. You will learn from experienced entrepreneurs and other like-minded people all across Europe. If you successfully graduate from the Live Academy you will have the chance to pitch your project in front of a selected group of investors prior to the Pioneers Festival.

What’s the benefit of using a tool like “WhatAVenture”?

  • The tool helps you to develop your business idea step by step. It keeps you focused on the major aspects of improving your business idea and helps you to structure a data-driven development approach. Furthermore you can interact with other Academy-participants, share information and work collaboratively as well as invite external mentors to give you feedback. Don’t worry, the WhatAVenture tool is not about writing a long and standardized business plan.

Is there any question left unanswered? Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line: stefan@whataventure.com

Linku origjinal: http://startuplive.in/academy/1/faq/

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