Trajnim 1 javor në Spanjë

13-19 March 2014 | SALAMANCA, Spain
This seminar is an opportunity for trainers / facilitators to meet, share, discuss and evaluate the work done / been made, both locally and on a national and international context. We will evaluate Youth in Action, and get ready for new Erasmus+.
This seminar to be held in Salamanca with the name "SEOT: Seminar of European Trainers", is as its name suggests, a meeting of trainers active at European level in non-formal education activities, and especially those related to the now finished Youth in Action program.
Its main aim is to offer participants a space for meeting and sharing, as well as to discuss and evaluate the work done / been made as trainers / facilitators, both locally and on a national and international context.
Therefore the specific objectives of the seminar are:

- To exchange good practices (and bad practices to avoid them) on the work developed in activities with non formal education and youth people.
- To evaluate our development as trainers and the competences acquired / developed.
- To reflect on the impact of the Youth in Action program, especially the training and non-formal education activities in young Europeans.
- To evaluate the Youth in Action program in the area of training and networking.
- To discuss the new program Erasmus+ (Youth part) and make recommendations in the field of training that can improve the quality in future activities.
- To establish collaborative networks and propose possible future projects.
- To exchange tools and processes to foster improvement in the quality of the next Erasmus+ projects.

This is a 7-days seminar (including travel days) (from Thursday to Wednesday) for participants and team from 22 different countries (Albania, Azerbayan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Estonia, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukrania).
The profile asked for the participants, is:

Group leaders, young or youth worker, all with experience as trainers or facilitators.
The methods that will be used are those of non-formal education, where learning is participatory and is student-centered and based on experience.

This Seminar / Conference is
for 40 participants
from Albania, Azerbaijan, Belgium - DE, Belgium - FL, Belgium - FR, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine
and recommended for
Trainers, Youth leaders, Project managers, EVS mentors/tutors, Facilitators
Working language(s):
Asociación PdF (NGO/Others)
Contact for questions:
SOET coordinator
E-Mail: soet@acpdf.com
Phone: +34 668 83 73 00


The seminar is covered by the Youth In Action Programme, therefore accommodation and full board will be covered during the Seminar.
Participants will get the reimbursement of 70% of their travel costs, minus a participation fee of 40 EUR.
This training activity is funded by:
The 'Youth in Action' Programme

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