Internship 4 javor në Maqedoni për moshat 18-30

Call for internship programme in Macedonia (region of Prilep and Bitola)

In the framework of these activities NCCS is opening Call for two Internship Candidates from Albania. This internship will last four weeks from 05 February – 5 March 2014.

The host organization in Macedonia will be “YMCA” in Bitola and “Youth Council” in Prilep, participating NGOs in this project. Below is a short description of two organizations:
The main selection criteria, upon which the potential candidates for four weeks internship will be selected, are:

Aged 18-30 
Have volunteering experience in NGOs – or current member of an NGO
Strong motivation for internship 
Proficient English command
Good communication skills 

The internship methodology will be based on “learning by doing” approach. We expect the interns to learn how the Macedonian civil society works, record good practices and challenges in the everyday work of the local community development, the methods of addressing the local needs by the host NGOs. Furthermore, we expect the interns to meet different culture, perception of community development including the social life within a different country. These experiences should be further transferred to the local NGOs from Macedonia they represent and try to improve the working methods. At personal level, we expect the intern to be motivated, be responsible person and to respect the projected Internship plan.

The travel costs, accommodation and utility costs will be covered by the partner organization SEGA. In addition, the selected interns will receive certain amount of allowance for their internship period.

Deadline for applying is 17 January 2014, 16:00 at the latest.

The candidates should send a CV and a Letter of Interest, explaining why it is important for them to participate in this internship. 

The candidates that will apply will be informed on the results by 21 January 2014.

Late and uncompleted applications will not be reviewed.

The necessary documentation should be sent on the following e-mail: nccs.albania@gmail.com

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