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Job Description

Candidates that apply for intern positions with RBS are primarily seeking jobs in the business sector. Our primary focus is to develop interns’ emotional intelligence (EQ) and emotional competence, which are directly addressed through a door-to-door, direct sales position. Interns initiate contact, inspect properties, problem solve, and negotiate contracts with potential customers in the pest control industry. This industry is a $6.6 billion dollar industry that involves the regular treatment of insecticides on and around the home. It provides temporary relief from ants, spiders, cockroaches, and rodents that are extremely common in every neighborhood in the Southern United States. Even amidst economically challenging times, the demand for pest control exists because of the necessity of its services.
Practical experience also includes: customer service, product information distribution, pricing strategies, quality control, customer relations improvement, business contract law, and inter-department coordination. Both person-to-person and telephone communication in English with customers, potential customers and American co-workers is performed daily. RBS also brings realism to the job by creating an authentic business environment where interns experience the risks and rewards based strictly upon performance, giving candidates even more financial incentive to perform at higher levels.
Living Accommodations
RBS arranges housing in beautiful, safe neighborhoods. Rooms are typically occupied by two people. These accommodations include furniture, beds, internet access, and major appliances including a clothes washer and dryer. The monthly housing cost is typically $395 USD per month per person. This cost reflects the total monthly rent, divided by the total number of interns residing at that location and may rise or fall depending on the addition or termination of program participants. Housing costs typically include all utilities, including electricity, garbage, water, and gas, however these expenses vary depending on usage. Participants are responsible for $150.00 deposit and will sign a lease agreement with the property management company upon arrival. Participants need to bring personal items, bed and toiletry linens, cooking utensils, and power adapters/converters for personal electronic equipment.

Texas is not known for its efficient public transportation. Therefore, RBS provides daily transportation to and from training and work. The cost of transport is $175 USD per month. Other transportation arrangements outside of the internship must be organized and financed individually.

Base Compensation & Expense Summary
Employees receive a base salary from their host company of $1250 USD per month. Interns are paid $100 USD per sale in addition to their base salary for every contract over 12 starting with the 13th contract sold that month. Interns must meet the 12 sale threshold in previous months to qualify for bonuses in the current month. If the interns demonstrate high levels of performance, the host company may invite selected interns to extend their visa up to 12 months from their original start date. Our internship program for 2011 starts June 20th 2013 and concludes June 20th 2014.
These are the expenses interns incur as part of this internship. Interns pay these expenses on a monthly basis to the appropriate parties.

  • Housing: $395.00*
  • Transportation: $175.00
  • Taxes @6%: $75.00
  • Training Fee: $120.00
  • Cell Phone: $35.00


Other expenses, including food, entertainment, and other day-to-day expenses incurred by interns are considered discretionary. These costs in the United States are significantly less than European countries by approximately 35%.
What we expect from our interns
We expect the following from our interns:

  1. The Right Intentions: must have the right motivation to participate in this internship; that is personal, vocational, and professional growth. Although living in Texas is very desirable to even Americans, this cannot be the primary motivation for interns.
  2. Complete Integrity: Interns must possess the commitment necessary to complete the program successfully. We do not tolerate deception in any form with clients, colleagues or employers.
  3. Professionalism: Interns arrive on-time, prepared to learn the daily material, and willing to readily accept direction and guidance from management.
  4. Strong Work Ethic: Interns routinely work 55-60 hours per week outside of the training.
  5. Focus on Growth: Interns focus continually on their growth in the areas of emotional intelligence.
  6. Accountability: Each intern’s progress is closely monitored and we expect accountability for one’s own performance.
  7. Responsibility: Interns who take full responsibility for their performance have an internal locus of control that breeds improvement and ensures success. There is no room in this internship for blame or complaint for shortcomings in personal performance.
  8. Positive Attitude: Interns choose to focus on the positive aspects of their development, casting negativity aside in all interactions.
  9. Teamwork: Interns recognize the importance of their team role and support others in their respective team roles.
  10. Goal Oriented: Interns are motivated to set, track, and realize developmental, personal, professional, and financial goals.
Training is conducted by RBS at the host company’s office Monday through Friday, starting first thing in the morning. Training typically lasts 45 minutes to one hour; however, initially training can span two hours per day or more. Interns are responsible for reading daily material, submit to written and oral testing, and participate in team-based learning activities. Manuals and text books are covered by the training fee paid by participants.

Work Schedule
In the United States we believe that hard work is paramount to any successful endeavor and RBS is no exception to this rule. Participants can expect at least a 55-hour practical work week in addition to their formal training. Following training, participants are transported to their work sites where they begin supervised working in the field for approximately 9 hours per day, Monday through Saturday. A 1 hour mid-day break for meals and two 15-minute breaks throughout the day are routine. Following the conclusion of the workday, candidates are transported back to their living accommodations. Candidates can work additional hours upon request, only with express written permission by RBS and only under supervision. These hours will vary slightly depending on daylight hours.

Dress and Attire
Interns wear short sleeve, button down shirts provided by the host company. Interns are to bring their own high-quality, walking shoes, long pants and shorts. No jeans or skirts are permitted. Shorts are to be professional in appearance, to be one color and are to descend to about the knee cap. Satchel bags and wind breakers jackets are provided by the host company.

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