Trajnim intensiv një ditor: Free Society Tour

We are happy to invite you 
the "Free Society Tour" in Albania, which will take place in Tirana on the 23 of october. This is a one-day intensive training and it’s organized by The International Department of The Leadership Institute. Their goal is to teach students how to be better activists. The lectures, during the training day, include these main topics:

* The conservative organizational entrepreneur

* Social media revolution - the new intellectuals

* Networking and building coalitions
* Campaign planning
Participants will receive a certificate from The Leadership Institute.
Please contact us at: fndreu@studentsforliberty.org, ashkurti@studentsforliberty.org

Short bio of speaker:

Miguel Moreno is the Director of International and Government Programs at “The Leadership Institute” where he is responsible for recruiting, training, and working with top-level government officials from around the world, as well as business executives and heads of international conservative organizations. He is a personal mentor and advisor of several presidential candidates. He also develops and executes the International Leadership training Schools, in the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin-America and Australia, where selected conservatives are trained in the technology and strategy of International campaigning, fundraising, communications, and organizational entrepreneurship. Miguel has 15 years of experience organizing and speaking at several international seminars. He has trained more than 40,000 leaders from around the world. He has been responsible for running large corporations in the spheres of education, banking, social insurances, housing and health services. He is an expert in Total Quality Management, Reengineering and Marketing Based Management. Among others, he was work experience with USAID, the German, Japanese and Sweden Cooperation; Inter-American Development Bank; World Bank, University ofCalifornia and National American University. He is a Candidate for a Ph.D., in Higher Education; and holds an MBA; a Master of Public Policy and Government, and a B.S. in Military and Naval Science.

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